Bambino Kids White TiiPii Stand


Kids Steel Bambino TiiPii Bed Stand, White

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The Bambino TiiPii Stand is a delightful miniature Stand specially designed for suspending the ‘Kids Bambino TiiPii Bed’ within and allows the freedom to enjoy the Bambino TiiPii Bed anytime, anywhere…

Constructed from durable powder-coated steel that is strong, safe and long lasting.  It is easily assembled and disassembled and packs down into a small canvas carry bag- enabling you to set up a little world of TiiPii for the little ones without boundaries, for enjoyment both inside and outside on warmer days! Perfectly paired with the ‘TiiPii Stand Play-Cover’, that delightfully wraps around the Stand in minutes and transforms the floating bed into an adorable sensory hideaway space for the little ones to relax and play within. When used as a set, the Kids Bambino TiiPii Bed & Stand brings a little world of magic to any playroom or family home.

Read, play, snuggle, camp, sleep, relax, explore…

Good to know about the Kids Bambino TiiPii Stand…

  • Perfectly paired with the Bambino TiiPii Bed (sold separately)
  • Made with durable powder-coated steel
  • Suitable for indoor & light outdoor use
  • Assembles easily in 5 mins by 1 person
  • Compacts down into a small canvas bag
  • Optional ‘Play Cover’ or ‘Poncho Weather Covers’ available (sold separately)
  • Supports up to 175lbs / 80kg
  • Weighs only 11lbs / 5kg
  • Small: 4ft (ø) x 6.6ft (h) / 1.2m (ø) x 2m (h)


To clean simply wipe over with a soft damp cloth or a solution of water and mild soap, if needed.  Always pack away 100% dry.


100% Powder Coated Steel

Legal Warnings

Do not exceed load limit of 170lbs / 80kg. Important - never use on sloping or uneven ground, for use on solid, level ground only. Not to be used as a climbing apparatus or toy. Always use with the Bambino Stand base weight, see instructions for details. This is the sole responsibility of the parent / carer. Children to be supervised at all times. Ages 3+.

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs


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