Kids Tan Poncho Protective TiiPii Bed Cover


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The Poncho Cover snugly wraps around the Bambino Kids TiiPii Bed and instantly changes the miniature floating bed into a cosy floating play den or tent. Perfect for providing shade shelter for outdoor TiiPii-time play on sunny days, it is also UV-resistant, Anti-Mould and Anti-Mildew for protection from the elements when temporarily set up outside.

Easily attached to the top of the Bambino Bed, it creates a sensory environment that encourages both relaxation and imaginative play. Fine netted windows open or zip closed to allow free flow ventilation and interaction with the outside environment.

The Poncho is an adorable addition that fits directly onto a free-hanging TiiPii, so it does not necessarily have to be used with the Bambino TiiPii Stand.  Perfectly layered over the sheer TiiPii net for added softness, atmosphere & ambience.

Read, play, snuggle, camp, sleep, relax, explore…

Good to know about the Kids TiiPii Poncho Weather Cover…

  • Provides shade shelter for outside TiiPii play
  • Looks great inside and out
  • Creates a comfortable, sensory environment for children
  • Provides weather protection for the Kids TiiPii Bed
  • Made with high-quality waterproof canvas
  • Waterproof, Anti-Mould, Anti-Mildew, Anti-UV
  • Openable, fine-netted windows, 1 main zippered door
  • Toggles secure the Poncho Cover to the TiiPii
  • Can be used directly on the Kids TiiPii Bed, no TiiPii Stand required
  • Easily attaches to the top of TiiPii ropes
  • Convenient canvas storage bag included
  • Available in ‘Tan’ colour


To clean, first brush off excess dirt with a soft bristle brush. Wash over with clean water and a sponge. Rinse thoroughly. Waterproof the fabric using a reproofing liquid after excessive use or exposure. Always pack away 100% dry.


Poly-Cotton Canvas

Legal Warnings

Children to be supervised at all times. Ages 3+.

Additional information

Weight 5.7 lbs


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